Welcome to OrchardQC

This online assessment package is designed to assist development of orchard staff competency and knowledge for best practice orchard management. The tests within will test your competency in different aspects of Integrated Fruit Production:

  • Trap surveying
  • Pest monitoring and control
  • Disease monitoring and control

Successful completion of some tests will likely fulful the requirements for demonstrating competency for different Official Assurance Programs (OAP):

  • ??

All questions are multiple choice. Only one answer can be selected. Each test must be passed with 100% correct answers. You have up to 10 attempts to successfully complete the test.

Once a test has been passed, the test will appear as a demonstrated competency on your file.

To sign in and complete a test you must be registered by your Orchard Manager.

Once registered, select the myOrchardQC tab to sign in and select a test to complete.